Dessiner….c’est toucher du regard ce que les autres ne voient pas


Previously, in my article written in one shot in reaction to an artistic work, I declared my love for Art and for the artworks of a very special artist. This artist has the gift of creating « vortex »  paintings which invite to reflection and introspection. Beyond the work presented, I gave the floor to his creator who gives so many emotions. When I look at his eyes, my soul is opened and sometimes a knot forms in my throat as the emotion is Great. I give you here the interview which is the logical continuation of the previous article.

Hello Eric, can you introduce yourself to the readers of « MonEncre »?

Hello, I’m Eric Lapszynski, 46 years old living in Montrouge and painter. I create works in India ink and pastels on paper in different sizes.

(Thank you for this beautiful introduction) When did you discover your artistic fiber?

I’ve always had it, I think. Since my childhood, my adolescence and now even more than yesterday. I’ve created at different stages of my life but it is now that I fully live my work … .my passion. I have for a long time reached the point of no return, and I only can and want to lose myself even more in it. (An artistic eternity?)

We discovered you on this blog through a pastel work but you use other materials: which and in what circumstances?

I started with Indian ink and I set up personal techniques or processes. I then naturally turned to something else: the bold pastel, which is an unctuous and special material. The work is different because I use regular colors that I make collaborate with each other. With the oil, the desired color can be created by mixing. In recent times I only work with bold pastels and a little bit of ink from China.


How did you change your technique or techniques over time? Can we see the step by step?

I am learning until the end of my life and every day is a discovery of techniques and know-how that enrich my palette. Painting is a profession to know how to do, to do again and again to master the gesture and offer know-how but it is also necessary this little thing that makes vibrate. Virtuosity in the technique is necessary but not enough.

Your works cause a lot of emotions as much by the depth as by the limits that they push back. Are you aware of provoking this in the viewer?

I gradually accepted this state and now I am convinced of the sincerity of the emotions of those who dive into my universe. I present some paths to take. I want the viewer to be really absorbed and lost. To make it short: I want the viewer to appropriate my work and to become the actor!



Question a bit special: what feeling dominates? 1- when you finish a web 2 – when you leave it

1) It depends on the time of realization but there is always a happy feeling to have finished my work even if often the initial idea left room for something else. Often I just finished a drawing that I’m already thinking about something else, moreover, the old work can guide me or not orient myself.

2) I do not have any problem to detach myself from work, because I know that they are in any case mine forever, simply in someone else place. Seeing them again makes me happy.

You share your works on Facebook with your friends and comments stretch late into the night. What does this social network bring to you and how do you welcome it?

It’s a modern way to show what I’m doing. This could be a barometer about what I do and who likes it. But I know why I’m painting. I do not orient my work according to « likes ». But I’m always listening to comments and comments that can make me move forward.

Except on social networks, can you tell us where can we meet you in flesh and bone and buy your paintings?

I am at the market of Edgar Quinet (Paris 14th) almost every Sunday. You can meet me and see some of my works. Otherwise, go and order some works. :))

Eric Lapszynski for MonEncre

I want to thank another Artist, Photographer this time. She made me know Eric and took the pictures of the article. Her name is Rhiz (I call her little sister)

Abdelhamid NIATI  et Rhiz Calderon… and the Artist Eric Lapszynski